Online Primary Contacts can use Batch Enroll to enroll many users in many courses simultaneously.

You'll Need:

  1. Software that can create CSV Files (E.g. MS Excel). 
  2. Download our sample batch enrollment file from the OPC Info tab in Blackboard. 

You will need to know:

  1. The course ID(s) of the course(s) you wish to do the enrollments. 
  2. The username(s) of the users you wish to enroll into the course(s). 


  1. Create and save a CSV files with columns A) CourseID B) Username C) User Role (P = Teacher, S = Student). You can include as many users and course as you wish. 
  2. In Blackboard go to System Admin. 
  3. Select the Classes link. 
  4. Click Enroll Users. 
  5. Click Browse, find your CSV File and click open. 
  6. Click Submit. 
  7. Review any error messages and adjust as appropriate.