Online Primary Contacts can batch create blank classes in Blackboard.


You'll Need:

  1. Software that can create CSV files (e.g. MS Excel)
  2. Our sample class creation CSV file from the OPC Info tab

You'll need to know

  1. The IDs of the classes you wish to create.Refer to our class ID guideline on the OPC Info tab. Note that the class ID cannot be changed once the class is created.
  2. The names of the classes you wish to create. Note that class names can be changed by teachers after the class is created.


  1. Create and Save a CSV file with columns: Column A) Class ID Column B) Class Name.
  2. In Blackboard go to the System Admin tab.
  3. Select the Classes.
  4. Point to Create Class and choose Batch. Note the more help link in the upper left gives you additional information on the fields that you can put into your csv file.
  5. Click Browse, find your CSV and select open.
  6. Choose the menu style for the courses if you want something other than the default.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Review any error messages and alter the CSV file as appropriate.