Online Primary Contacts must orphan courses (remove all the enrollments) if they wish to have a course deleted. These orphaned courses will then be deleted by GPA during the course deletion period, which is usually in the Fall. Please understand that removing enrollments erases all student data within that course.


You'll need to know

  1. The ID of the class(es) you wish to orphan.


  1. In Blackboard go to the System Admin tab
  2. Select Classes
  3. Search for the appropriate class
  4. Point to class and click the down-arrow
  5. Select Enrollments
  6. Check all the enrollments in the list using the check all check box in the header
  7. Click Remove users from class
  8. Click OK (be sure you are ready to remove the enrollments before proceeding)
  9. Contact BSN by emailing the help desk ( In your email message, provide a list of the specific course IDs for classes you wish to have removed.

Video Tutorial (will open in a new window, be sure your pop-up blocker is disabled). Please note that the video tutorial below describes a deletion process as an annual event. Please understand that deletions only happen now only upon OPC request.