Online Primary Contacts can create new blank classes in Blackboard. A blank class contains no content. Blank classes can be created one at a time or in a batch.


You'll need to know

  1. The name of the class you wish to create.
  2. The class ID of the class you wish to create. Refer to our class ID guidelines on the OPC Info tab


  1. In Blackboard go to the System admin tab.
  2. Select the Classes link.
  3. Point to Create Class and click New.
  4. Enter the course name.
  5. Enter the course ID. Make sure the ID ends in your district ID. Consider copying and pasting the ID into a document so you will have it later.
  6. Choose additional options. Note that the teacher can change everything but the course ID after the course is created.
  7. Click Submit.

Video Tutorial (will open in a new window, be sure your pop-up blocker is disabled).