Online Primary Contacts can enroll users (Teachers and Students) into courses in Blackboard. Users can be enrolled in one course at a time or in a batch.


You'll need to know

  1. The course ID of the course in which you wish to do the enrollments.
  2. The users you wish to enroll into the course.


  1. In Blackboard go to the System Admin tab.
  2. Select the Classes link.
  3. Search for the appropriate class. You can search by combine the attribute drop down box (e.g. class ID), the search type box (e.g. contains) and the search string. Searching Class ID, contains, district ID (e.g. tc) will show courses for that district. You may also search by teacher to see all the classes for a teacher or teachers.
  4. Point to the appropriate class in the list and click the down-arrow.
  5. Click enrollments.
  6. Click enroll users.
  7. Enter the username(s) or browse to find the usernames. Multiple usernames must be separated by a comma.
  8. Choose the role from the drop down box.
  9. Click Submit.
  10. Refer any error message and adjust as appropriate.

Video Tutorial (will open in a new window, be sure your pop-up blocker is disabled).