Does your district or school prefer a particular format for your online classes? Perhaps you copy GPA courses but always add a few things to the class menu, or change the style to fit your school needs. There are some steps you can take to make this process easier and to ensure that you have consistent course structure. It is recommended that you get new course copies from GPA each school year to ensure that you always have the newest version. 

Example 1: Perhaps you have a set of district policies that you want to post in every online class. So normally, you copy the GPA course, then add your policies to a new content area in your course. 

Example 2: Maybe you like to add content areas to all of your courses that teachers eventually customize, such as a Class Calendar area, a Meet the Teacher area, or an Office Hours area.

Here are some steps you can take to set up and utilize your own district template. It basically involves setting up your own customized template in a blank course, copying that template for each actual class you need, then copying a GPA course into each copied template. Details below. 

  1. Create a blank class, naming it as a template (System Admin > Classes > Create Class > New).

  2. Enroll yourself in this new blank class.

  3. Customize the template to meet your district preferences. Customizations may include but are not limited to:

  • Selecting a color scheme, banner (Control Panel > Customization > Properties).

  • Adding content areas that teachers will later customize, such as Office Hours or Meet the Teacher (plus sign above class menu).

  • Adding content areas with standard info for your district, such as policies page.

  • Copy this template as many times as needed for your upcoming classes. Each copy will "hold" a GPA course. For each copy, use a course ID that specifies the course this will "hold." For example, your course ID for a copy of the district template might be (use your district ending).

  • For each GPA class you need, locate the course ID of the master (master course IDs can be found here).

  • Make a copy of the GPA class using the "Copy Into Existing" option (System Admin > Classes > Copy Class).

    • Provide source course ID (GPA Course ID).

    • Provide destination course ID (ID for your copy of the district template) and click Submit.

    • Select the content you wish to copy from the GPA course (be sure to include desired content areas and tools - especially grade center items, recommend you select all then remove checks where needed). If your district template included a customized style / banner, you may want to uncheck the "settings" option.

    • For file attachments, select "Copy links and copies of the content."

    • Submit.

  • When the copy process is complete, take a look at the copy to make sure it all came through. The class menu may need to be reorganized (drag and drop items) to match your district preferences. Teachers can do this too!