Online Primary Contacts can create blank courses for use by their teachers.

You'll need to know the ID of the course you wish to create. Refer to our example class IDs for information on creating destination IDs.


Course Creation csv File Requirements:

Row 1 must contain a header with the exact text in quotes below

  • column A: "course_id"
  • column B: "short_name"
  • column C: "long_name"
  • column D: "account_id"
  • column E: "term_id"
  • column F: "status"
  • column G: "start_date"
  • column H: "end_date"

Row 2 and beyond contain the course information.

  • column A: Required: Course ID: 

  • column B: Required: Course name
  • column C: Required: Course name (Same as column B)
  • column D: Required: Account ID: Refer to our District Identifier and Account ID for correct Account IDs
  • column E: Optional: Term
  • column F: Required: Status must equal "active" on all rows
  • column G: Optional: Start Date
  • column G: Optional: End Date

Creating a Course Steps:
  1. Complete the Course Creation csv file and save it to your computer

  2. Log into Canvas

  3. Point to "Courses" and select "Blended Schools" under "Managed Accounts"

  4. Click "SIS Import"

  5. Click "Browse" and select your csv file

  6. Click "Process Data"