Online Primary Contacts can delete user accounts in batch to save time when deleting multiple accounts. e.g. At the end of a semester.

You'll need to know

  1. The demographics of the user(s) (username, last name, first name, email, password).

User Deletion csv File Requirements:

Row 1 must contain a header with the exact text in quotes below

  • column A: "user_id"
  • column B: "login_id"
  • column C: "password"
  • column D: "first_name"
  • column E: "last_name"
  • column F: "email"
  • column G: "status"

Row 2 and beyond contain the user information.

  • column A: Required: User ID
  • column B: Required: User ID, same as column A
  • column C: Optional: Password
  • column D: Optional: First Name
  • column E: Optional: Last Name
  • column F: Optional: Email Address
  • column G: Required: Always "deleted"

Creating User Accounts Steps:

  1. Complete the User Deletion csv file and save it to your computer

  2. Log into Canvas

  3. Point to "Courses" and select "Blended Schools" under "Managed Accounts"

  4. Click "SIS Import"

  5. Click "Browse" and select your csv file

  6. Click "Process Data"