Online Primary Contacts can change the attributes of users in Blackboard. E.g. name, email, password, institutional alignment.


  1. In Blackboard go to the System Admin tab.
  2. Select the Users link.
  3. Search for the username. You can search for a single account or many accounts by combining the type of search (e.g. username or last name) the comparison type (e.g. Contains or Starts with) and the search string (e.g. ph99.)
  4. Point to the appropriate user.
  5. Click the down-arrow.
  6. Choose the appropriate action. Edit allows the change of the users demographics. You make the user available or unavailable (disable their login), reset their password or check their enrollments
  7. To align a user with your institution, select edit, scroll down to institutional roles, select the roles you wish to assign and use the right facing arrow to assign those roles.

Video Tutorial (will open in a new window, be sure your pop-up blocker is disabled).