1. Review the spreadsheet of users you generated from the School District Reports tool. This spreadsheet contains all your active users in Blackboard. 
  2. Email about any users you are not familiar with. Do not delete these users without checking with GPA first.
  3. Create a csv file containing one column: Column A) username of the user(s) you wish to delete. You can copy and paste from the spreadsheet sent to you or you can delete the columns and rows you DO NOT want deleted from that spreadsheet.
  4. Be sure to confirm that you wish to delete every user within the csv file you create.
  5. In Blackboard go the System Admin tab
  6. Select the Users link
  7. Point to Batch Actions and select Delete users (Only shows during the deletion periods)
  8. Browse, find your removal csv file and click open
  9. Click Submit
  10. Click Submit one more time to confirm
  11. Click Ok