Blackboard Ultra Troubleshooting:


Most issues related to Ultra can be resolved by following these troubleshooting steps:


  1. Google Chrome is the recommended browser.
  2. If using a Flash browser (Safari, IE, Edge, and Firefox) be sure that Flash is up to date as well. Click here to test Flash
  3. Try clearing browser cache and restarting a session. Click here for instructions to clear browser cache
  4. High CPU usage (aka your computer is working hard) can cause issues as well. Be sure only necessary programs are running on the computer before starting the session. If you don’t need email, youtube, Word, etc… open for the session, then close it!
  5. Sometimes a good old fashion computer restart can solve an issue




While there are cases where a user might need to contact their ISP for assistance, there are several tips that can be tried at home first to see if the experience improves.

  1. If at all possible, try using a hardwired Ethernet connection to the router.
  2. If you must use wifi, be sure you are as close to the router as possible. 
  3. If using wifi, is the router appropriately placed? For example, in the center of the room, away from other electronics, windows, microwaves, is it high enough? Click here for more tips on how to place a router to be effective.
  4. Try restarting the modem/router.


Tips to conserve existing bandwidth:

  1. Shut down all unnecessary programs, especially those that use the internet: email, IM clients, video feeds (Youtube), other conferencing options (Skype), etc…
  2. Ensure that no one else in the house is streaming content or gaming online. For example, be sure nobody is watching Netflix while you are in a live session.